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Gridded Glazing at British Grove

IBLA were asked to rework and extend the ground floor the house, built in the mid-90’s, which featured an awkward kitchen/living/dining space which felt disconnected and distinct from the garden.

Into the opened-up rear elevation, a glazed screen and roof was inserted to form the extension, allowing light to flood deep into the space throughout the day, with the glazed roof adding a sense of openness and height within the space. Double doors open out onto the patio for warmer, summer days.

New structure was inserted as high within the floor above as possible, to allow the rear elevation to be opened up completely at ground level, as well as removal of an internal section of wall dividing the dining and living spaces. An area of lowered ceiling was introduced over the living area to define the living area and conceal the new structure. Cutaways animate the ceiling and provide recesses for a blind to the glazing and an LED strip to wash light behind the television.

Full details of the project can be found here

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