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Frithville Gardens

This extension to a typical London terraced house is conceived of as a giant ‘window’ connecting the original ground floor rooms of the house with the garden.

In common with many similar houses, the original disposition of the dwelling meant that the main living spaces felt disconnected from the garden. Our brief was to create a large family room incorporating a kitchen and dining space and improve the connection to the garden.

We created a simple rectangular extension with the existing closet extension above supported on new steelwork. The kitchen is expressed as a thickened wall along one side and a dining bench is built in along the other. The Douglas Fir joists forming the new roof structure are left exposed and a large skylight brings light deep into the plan. The garden glazing was detailed to minimise the framing to the sliding doors, with the thickness of the roof and wall construction concealed behind a chamfer, to give a delicate appearance from the outside and a frameless aspect from within.

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