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Lillie Road

This is a new-build mixed-use project in Fulham, West London which will deliver ground floor retail and office space as well as three floors of high-quality contemporary flats above.  Situated on Lillie Road, famous for it’s thriving community of antique dealers and period-furniture shops, the scheme sits at the end of a Victorian terrace and replaces an unsightly group of warehouse buildings.

Our design creates a new, contemporary end to the street that respects the rhythm and proportions of the adjoining terrace, and also addresses the curve in the road and the longer views from down the street.  The new building takes the proportions and materials of the adjacent Victorian houses as a starting point, refining them into a more regular, gridded facade.

This proposal achieves continuity by echoing traditional elements in the neighbouring buildings, and is detailed in a crisp, contemporary manner. Floor to ceiling glazed doors and juliet balconies provide an alternative to windows. Dormers are clad in traditional lead, with full height linings. Materials reflect those in the existing terrace, and are deliberately differentiated though colour and texture in the form of a pale brick or the use of bronze windows and linings.

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