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British Grove


A derelict garden gnome factory was demolished to create space for a new two-storey block, providing office and living accommodation. The constrained site led to an inward-looking design at ground level, with a small rear patio. Completely bounded, the site’s perimeter walls were rebuilt in reclaimed bricks to maintain the integrity of the existing mews street.

The only opening to British Grove is a large timber folding garage door, which forms the main entrance to both the office and the residential areas. ‘Hit and miss’ brickwork areas in the brick facade let light filter through into the kitchen, while providing protection and privacy from the street immediately outside. From these brick walls, the upper storey is set back, with zinc side walls and a low pitched zinc roof.

All the work and living spaces open out into a small paved area to the rear. A two storey glazed facade unites the ground floor patio and the first floor roof terrace. From the kitchen dining area, a timber stair leads up into a sky-lit living room. Beyond, the bedrooms and bathrooms are contained within the zinc ‘box’.

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