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Calle Salvadore Espriu, Barcelona

A refurbishment of an apartment in the former Olympic Village in Barcelona. This project, undertaken for a British client, involved the complete refurbishment of a seaside apartment in Barcelona’s Vila Olímpica. By opening up the interior space, the views and light from the front and rear terraces are brought deep into the heart of the plan, while a sequence of bedrooms and bathrooms are discreetly concealed behind a wall of veneered timber.

The variegated granite floors and worktops were carefully sourced from a local Spanish quarry to complement the Macassar Ebony veneered wall and kitchen panels. The focal point of the large open-plan kitchen/dining/living space is the large dark volume of the island unit, which forms a counterpoint to the brilliant Mediterranean sunlight reflected from the terrace and sea beyond. Much of the joinery was pre-fabricated in a joiner’s workshop in the UK, then dismantled and transported to site for final installation.

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